About Us

About Us

    Dingxiang Company (LFGOLF) was established in 2012. Its predecessor was a renowned manufacturer of lawn trimming equipment tool accessories, engaged in the production of lawn trimming equipment accessories for over two decades.

    In 2012, we undertook a reorganization of the company's relevant departments. With the endorsement of Mr. Li Feng, the chairman, and the board of directors, Ms. Chow assumed the role of our new CEO. We established a modern production and trade management system integrating production and marketing, and provided OEM and ODM production and supply chain for major international well-known brands and international well-known suppliers.

    Regarding production, we have implemented data-driven management systems (ERP, MES, DNC), revamped our processes, and extensively adopted CNC machining centers and automated robotic arms to ensure precise processing and enhanced production efficiency. The incorporation of high-power laser cutting and automatic welding methods, alongside the utilization of cutting-edge production equipment, has significantly bolstered quality control and optimized cost, resulting in a steady supply and remarkable improvements.

    In the realm of trade, Ms. Chow led our vigorous exploration of overseas markets, enabling us to join the international supply chain of spare parts and forging long-term, stable trade agreements with several prominent international suppliers in the industry. This has propelled the import and export development of spare parts in the industry and provided end customers with access to high-quality and cost-effective spare parts.

    In 2020, we realigned our overseas departments under the guidance of Ms. Chow and our dedicated team. Leveraging our accumulated expertise in spare parts replacement and research and development, coupled with channel advantages in the resale of equipment raw parts, we offer each customer the perfect solution for tool production and equipment spare parts. We cordially welcome suppliers from all nations to join our international supply chain. Equipped with a proficient after-sales service team and a comprehensive system, we provide round-the-clock support to address any technical or service inquiries to the best of our abilities,received unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

    The restructuring of our overseas departments has further enhanced our team's philosophy. Centered around the core principle of "people and environment," it not only strengthens the qualifications of our team members but also fosters a culture of high regard for every employee. With an emphasis on improving welfare provisions, each employee can relish the liberating benefits brought forth by our exceptional system. Our team's aspiration is to enable every end user to experience the splendor of high-quality lawns facilitated by technological advancements and industrial progress. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of lawn maintenance and make golf and sports events more vibrant, ultimately establishing them as accessible sports for all.

    Our company's products cater to the trimming and maintenance equipment needs of golf courses, greens, tournaments, fairways, and various sports venues.

Our products include:

· Reel Mower Blades,Bedknives, Verti-Cut Blades, Mower Rollers, and Lapping Compound

·Aerating Tines,Rotary Blades, andFlail Blades

· Edger Blades, Sod Cutter Blade, and Rakes

· Brush Cutter Blades and Hedge Trimmer Blades

· Harvesting machinery blades and livestock machinery blades


     We offer a wide range of spare parts from various brands, serving as reliable replacements for original spare parts.






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